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Operating commercial vehicles in Georgia? Staying compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) has never been more complex.

Our DOT compliance consultants help Georgia companies discover best practices, avoid violations, and reduce their regulatory risk.

TCP Compliance has the experience to enhance your fleet and shipping operations with safety and compliance consulting to improve your CSA scores, prevent audits and reduce your regulatory risk exposure.

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Experienced DOT Compliance for Georgia Companies!

Our DOT compliance consulting leverages years of experience for Georgia carriers to help them improve processes, boost CSA scores, avoid audits, and ensure DOT regulation compliance. Whether you manage a large fleet, are an owner-operator, or run a private carrier with small vehicles, we have the expertise to transform your business. Our support helps fleets, shipping operations consistently meet DOT safety standards.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • DOT Audits and Assessments
  • CSA Monitoring
  • Vehicle Maintenance Monitoring
  • Vehicle Inspection Tracking & Audits
  • Driver Qualification Assistance
  • Driver Performance Management
  • Cargo Securement
  • Hazmat Transportation (49 CFR, IATA, IMDG)
  • Hours of Service
  • ELD Auditing/Monitoring
  • Florida Logging Industry Rules
  • Driver Training
  • Onsite DOT Safety Training
  • Upgrade Requests (Unsat, Conditional)

More Georgia DOT Compliance Services We Offer

DOT Audits and Assessments

A DOT audit allows us to reveal compliance gaps, assess your risk, and craft improvement plans.

By examining your operations from all angles, we get the full picture of where attention is needed. Our audit and assessment services deliver a detailed written report with clear steps to boost compliance. We identify opportunities and provide actionable recommendations you can implement immediately.

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dot compliance and hazmat training

DOT Training For Your Georgia Business

Our consultants are experienced and highly skilled instructors who can train Georgia businesses on DOT topics. We can deliver content to your team in a way that makes complex compliance topics understandable.

For great results, book a DOT assessment and training session together. We take results from the assessment/audit and include them into the classroom. This makes the training as ‘real’ as it can get to your team, because it’s relatable to your operation.

DOT Advisory Services

Do you need ongoing help? Whether you’re a small business, large fleet operations, shipper or freight forwarder, running a successful company means you’ve got a lot going on.

When you need expertise on DOT compliance and hazardous materials rules, rely on TCP Compliance.

We’ll provide expert, experienced guidance to give you heads up on regulatory requirements and best practices.

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Who Needs To Comply With DOT in Georgia?

In Georgia, all vehicles that fall under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSR) definition of a commercial motor vehicle will be regulated.

Commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes from a wide variety of industries. Once your vehicles meet the definition of a commercial motor vehicle, how many regulations that will be applied to you will depend greatly on what kind of business model you have.

We Offer Compliance Consulting Throughout Georgia

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