Get DOT Hazmat Training That Actually Makes a Difference.

Have you identified and trained all of your hazmat employees? 

Maximize your team’s safety and efficiency with our 49 CFR hazardous materials training.  We customize the training to your operations – provide an SDS or tell us what hazmat you work with and we’ll include it in the hazmat training.

To find out more about our hazmat training – Book a no commitment, free discovery call.

Let’s Get You Trained

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Why Train With Us?

Our trainers are skilled hazardous materials instructors that have experience delivering hazmat training to a variety of real world transportation and shipping operations.

Our Team has nearly 30 years of experience in training companies on hazmat regulations and compliance.

  • Prior to the training, we’ll work with you to discover more about your operations. Are you a shipper? A carrier? What hazard classes do you work with?
  • We use the information you provide and include it in the training. This makes the training more ‘real’ because it focuses on information and tasks your team needs to know.
  • Our training works – because we use information you provide about your processes, this helps your team retain what they’ve learned so they can apply it to their tasks.
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Who Needs Hazmat Training?

Everyone in your company that falls under the definition of a “hazmat employee” as defined in 171.8 of the hazardous materials regulations must be trained. This includes but isn’t limited to:

Full time, part time and temporary employees working for a hazmat employer.

Driver or operator of vehicles that transport hazardous materials.

Those who load, unload, handle and prepare hazmat

How Often is Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) Training Required?

Hazardous Materials training is required for all hazmat employees within the first 90 days of hire or change in job function. Employees are then required to be trained every 3 years.

We recommend as a best practice planning your hazmat training at about one and half to two years before your employees training expires.

How To Get Started

1. Book your Free Discovery Call

2. During the Call we plan the best time and date for your training.

3.Once we have a plan for your training, we get started.

Transform Your Hazmat Training With TCP Compliance.

Our approach combines experience and authoritative information that instills confidence that your team gains the knowledge needed to not only get DOT compliant with the hazardous materials regulations, but stay compliant.

Our training helps mitigate the risk of potential fines for violations that arise from non compliance with the hazardous materials regulations.

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What’s In Our Hazmat Training

Our hazardous materials regulation class conforms to the requirements listed in 172.704 of the hazardous materials regulations.

Topics include:

  • General Awareness
  • Using the Hazmat Table (HMT)
  • Preparing Shipping Papers
  • Specification Packaging
  • Placards, Marking and Labeling
  • Security Awareness
  • …And More!

Let’s Get You Trained

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